Extension-Enkrall #s I – VII Series A for solo piano, duration 1 ½ hrs.

Music for Piano #s I – VIII, duration 1 ½ hrs. (#’s IX – XII works in progress)

  • Frames for Music for Piano #’s I – XII, duration 15 min.
  • Pitch Thread/Strand Fragments for Music for Piano #’s VII – VIII, duration 8 min.

Amplified Pieces

RESONANCE for solo amplified cello, duration 15 min.

Polyphony for solo amplified clarinet, duration 12 min.

2 Regions for solo amplified classical guitar, duration 25 min. (There is also a version for electric guitar ensemble)

9 movements, 6 notes for solo amplified violin, duration 10 min.

Silent Music

Silent Music I for 10 strings, vibraphone, and piano, duration 12 min.

Silent Music IV for solo guitar, duration 7 min.

Silent Music #s VI – XI for mixed chamber ensembles, duration 20 min.

Real-Time Compositions

SB/BA for viola, classical guitar, 5-note slit drum, duration 5 min.

IO/F-1 for soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone, tuba, guitar, harp, violin, double bass, percussion – l set temple blocks, 1 suspended cymbal, 1 bass drum, 2tom-toms, duration 2 min.

PA/1 – R for 2 trumpets, trombone, cello, 2 double basses, duration 3 min.

Chamber Music

Three movements from Pieces for Violin, Clarinet, and Cello, duration 10 min.

The Poetics of Silence, the Necessity of Form: KAFKAMUSIK, a monodrama drawing upon a dozen texts by Franz Kafka for mixed chamber ensemble of cello, violin, clarinet/oboe, classical guitar, singer, and reader, duration 1 hr. 45 min.

These scores and others are available upon request directly from the composer.